Recreation Facilities

Fair Park

Fair Park is a 1.27 acre mini-park located in eastern Ferndale.  The park extends three blocks between Wordsworth and Jewell Avenues adjacent to the Grand Trunk Western Railroad tracks.  The park features a paved walking trail along its entire length as well as a play structure and swing set.











Garbutt Park

Garbutt Park is located along 8 Mile Road between Gardendale and Allen Avenues in the southwest portion of Ferndale.  The park abuts property owned by the School District.  This neighborhood park consists of 6.53 acres and features a variety of recreational facilities.

Geary Park

Geary Park is a large facility located in the northwestern portion of Ferndale between Lewiston, Pinecrest, Earl Boulevard and Central streets.  The sporting facilities at this 9.53 acre neighborhood park include an in-line skating rink, one baseball field, one softball field, and two small soccer fields.  Also featured in the park are playground areas, picnic areas, one pavilion, bathrooms, a drinking fountain,a storage building and an off-street parking area.

Harding Park

Harding Park is the second largest park in Ferndale comprising of 17.65 acres.  This neighborhood park is located in the northeastern portion of the City on Mapledale between Inman and Grayson Avenues.  Sports facilities include two basketball courts (4 hoops total), an in-line skating rink, one large soccer field, two small soccer fields, one softball field, one baseball field.  Other park amenities include a a parking lot, bathrooms, playground, storage building and picnic areas.  The northern portion of the park features a wooded open space area.

Lennon Park

Adjacent to the Edison School building (Hazel Park School District), this park comprises 4.18 acres.  The park features several recreation facilities including two small soccer fields (practice), a basketball court (2 hoops), playground structures, swings, picnic areas and open space areas.

Marie Park

Marie Park is a mini-park located at the end of Marie Avenue in the southwestern corner of the City.  Marie Park occupies only 0.22 acres but does feature a pre-school play structure and swing set, park benches and a drinking fountain.

Martin Road Park

Martin Road Park is Ferndale's largest park at 31.82 acres and is considered a community park.  The park is found in the northeastern portion of the City and is adjacent to the Hazel Parks' Webb Elementary School.  Martin Road Park features a significant number of recreational facilities.  Sports facilities include a one hoop basketball court, in-line skating rink, football field (on school property), two lighted softball fields (one on school property), one large soccer field (Dream Field), two small soccer fields, a large sledding hill, and a walking path.  Other facilities include a pavilion, numerous picnic areas, three playground structures, bathrooms, a concession stand, off-street parking areas, and open space areas.

Oppenheim Park

Oppenheim Park is a long and narrow 2.35 acre neighborhood park located along St. Louis Avenue.  Currently, most of the park is comprised of open space areas and includes playground structures, a drinking fountain, and picnic areas in the center of the park.

Saratoga Park

Saratoga Park is a 0.42 acre mini-park located along Saratoga Avenue in the southeastern portion of the City.  This park includes a basketball hoop, picnc tables and a grill.  More than half of the park property is open space.

Schiffer Park

Schiffer Park is a 0.13 acre mini-park located at the intersection of Nine Mile Road and Plananvon Avenue in Downtown Ferndale.  This park is an urban plaza with benches, trees and a water fountain.

Vester Park

Vester Park is another mini-park located at Vester Avenue and Farrow Avenue in the southeastern quarter of the City.  Featured on its 0.89 acres are a play piece and swing set, several picnic tables, a park bench and water fountain.

Wilson Park

Wilson Park is centrally located within Ferndale at Hilton Road and University Avenue.  This 7.34 acre neighborhood park is adjacent to the Wilson Elementary School building which turned into a University High School in the Fall of 2005.  Recreation facilities at the park include a basketball court (2 hoops), lighted in-line skating rink, baseball field, softball field (on school property), soccer field, play piece, picnic areas, bathrooms, drinking fountain, and an off-street parking lot.

Oakridge Park

Oakridge Park is a small park located off of West Oakridge Avenue along the City's border with Pleasant Ridge.  This mini-park comprises 0.54 acres and features a garden area with park benches.  Two small, undeveloped parcels are located just east of the park, but are separated by residential homes (park acreage includes all three parcels).  Currently, only the small area at the end of Livernois is officially designated as Oakridge Park.

Wanda Park

This 3.17 acre neighborhood park is located between Hazelhurst, Woodsworth and Wanda Avenues near the City's southeastern border with Hazel Park.  Wanda Park features a variety of recreation facilities including picnic areas, play structures, a basketball court (2 hoops), a drnking fountain, and a softball field for use by youth only.

Gerry Kulick Community Center

The Gerry Kulick Community Center opened in 2001 and is the only year-round public indoor recreational facility in the City of Ferndale.  The Community Center is located in the southwestern quarter of the City along Livernois Avenue on an approximately 2.82 acre site.  The building was a former elementary school that the City leases.  The City made extensive renovations to the building using a variety of funds, including Clean Michigan Initiative money.  Inside the Community Center, many recreation facilities are offered including a gymnasium, fitness studio, dance studio, various activity rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen, dining room and the offices of the Ferndale Recreation Department.  Many of the recreation programs offered by Ferndale take place within the Community Center.  The building is also available to rent for birthday parties, meetings, receptions, etc. Click here for more information.

Detroit Curling Club/Ferndale Activities Center

The Detroit Curling Club/Ferndale Activity Center building is located on the western edge of Martin Road Park.  This facility was constructed by the Detroit Curling Club on City property and is used during the winter months by the Club.  During the summer months, the City utilizes the facility for various recreational activities.  The building features four sheets of curling ice (winter months), or a large open indoor arena (summer months), a meeting room, office, bathrooms, and a kitchen.  Under a joint partnership agreement between the City and Curling Club, each utilizes the building for six months of the year.