Pavilion & Park Rental Information

Pavilion & Park Rental Information

Pavilions and parks are rented in four hour blocks and priced as follows:

 BLOCKS:  8:00- 12:00 PM 1:00- 5:00 PM  6:00- 10:00 PM 


1 block 2 blocks 3 blocks (all day)
Pavilion- Ferndale Resident/Business $50.00 $75.00  $125.00
Pavilion- Non-Resident/Business $80.00 $105.00  $175.00 
Park- Ferndale Resident/Business $20.00  $30.00  $40.00 
Park- Non-Resident/Business $40.00  $50.00 



Security Deposit

A security deposit of $75 is required for all pavilion rentals and must be in the form of cash or credit card.  Security deposit is refunable provided all terms and conditions are met.  Depending on form of payment, refund will take from 7-30 days to be processed.  Full payment is due at time of application.

Park Permits

Park permits do not grant exclusive use of the park, grills, picnic  tables, etc.  Thet are strongly recommended though, as they assist us in managing the number of groups using a facility on a particular day.  They also are required in order for the restrooms to be opened and picnic areas to be maintained.

Cancellation Policy

Pavilions- 10 days or more notice, rental fees will be refunded minus security deposit, less than 10 days notice, no refunds will be made.  There are no refunds for park cancellations.  No refunds for park or pavilion cancellation due to inclement weather.